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The Most Historically Significant Pisces in History of the World is George Washington.
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Moreover, in , he arranged with him a treaty of neutrality. In , however, he was forced to take action.

He entered into an alliance for the defence of the United Provinces during the Franco-Dutch War ; then, after this league had collapsed owing to the defection of the elector of Brandenburg , the more durable Quadruple Alliance was formed for the same purpose, including, besides the emperor, the king of Spain and several German princes, and the war was renewed. At this time, twenty-five years after the Peace of Westphalia , the Empire was virtually a confederation of independent princes, and it was very difficult for its head to conduct any war with vigor and success, some of its members being in alliance with the enemy and others being only lukewarm in their support of the imperial interests.

Thus this struggle, which lasted until the end of , was on the whole unfavourable to Germany, and the advantages of the Treaty of Nijmegen were mostly with France. It can however be argued that the imperial intervention saved the Netherlands from a complete French invasion.

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor

Engaged in a serious struggle with the Ottoman Empire, the emperor was again slow to move, and although he joined the Association League against France in he was glad to make a truce at Regensburg two years later. In the League of Augsburg was formed by the emperor and the imperial princes, to preserve the terms of the treaties of Westphalia and of Nijmegen. In May , the Grand Alliance was formed, including the emperor, the kings of England, Spain and Denmark, the elector of Brandenburg and others, and a fierce struggle against France was waged throughout almost the whole of western Europe.

In general the several campaigns were favourable to the allies, and in September , England, Spain and the United Provinces made peace with France at the Treaty of Rijswijk.

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To this treaty, Leopold refused to assent, as he considered that his allies had somewhat neglected his interests, but in the following month he came to terms and a number of places were transferred from France to Germany. The peace with France lasted for about four years and then Europe was involved in the War of the Spanish Succession. The king of Spain, Charles II , was a Habsburg by descent and was related by marriage to the Austrian branch, while a similar tie bound him to the royal house of France.

He was feeble and childless, and attempts had been made by the European powers to arrange for a peaceable division of his extensive kingdom. Leopold refused to consent to any partition, and when in November Charles died, leaving his crown to Philippe de France , Duke of Anjou , a grandson of Louis XIV, all hopes of a peaceable settlement vanished. Under the guidance of William III a powerful league, a renewed Grand Alliance, was formed against France; of this the emperor was a prominent member, and in he transferred his claim on the Spanish monarchy to his second son, Charles.

The early course of the war was not favorable to the Imperialists, but the tide of defeat had been rolled back by the great victory of Blenheim before Leopold died on 5 May Your browser does not support iframes. Leopold I Portrait by Benjamin von Block , Holy Roman Emperor more Margaret Theresa of Austria m. This article is issued from Wikipedia.

The original article may be a bit shortened or modified. Some links may have been modified. The text is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution - Sharealike. He married twice and after being widowed, married Claudia Felicitas, and they had ten kids, two of whom became emperors, Joseph I and Charles VI. Link to Wikipedia biography.

Juni Morgens um 4 Uhr, dess vierten Printzens genesen. Translation: Emperor Leopold I. To the Diet at Regensburg a courier from Vienna brought the Emperor the cheerful news that his Majesty on 9 June in the morning at 4 o'clock, had a fourth prince. The child's baptism was held in the evening at 6 o'clock in the great hall on the same day. From Astro-Databank. At first the concerts were free, Britton providing his guests with coffee at a penny a dish; later the visitors apparently paid ten shillings a year each, though the Yorkshire diarist Ralph Thoresby paid nothing when he attended a meeting in Handsworth, Yorks.

English poet, playwright and music patron. The duke's enthusiasm for playing divisions on the bass viol is reflected in his employment of Maurice Webster, from whom he acquired four books of divisions now lost , and his close friendship with Simpson, who during the early years of the Civil War served under Newcastle's younger son. Newcastle came into close contact with many theatrical composers. Four songs from his comedy Austrian patron, Holy Roman Emperor. Charles had his residence in Barcelona, where he also maintained a musical establishment.

Several operas with texts by Pariati and Zeno and music by Caldara, Albinoni, Gasparini and others were performed there, beginning in He became emperor in and soon adopted the rich operatic life of his predecessors in Vienna. Conti whom he had taken over from his brother.

Birth Chart: Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I (Gemini)

Charles was a composer as well as a patron, but none of his works survives. Musical culture in and around Berlin flourished at the turn of the 18th century as a direct result of her activities as a musical patron, performer, composer, and collector. She was thrust into a lifestyle of courtly competition from an early age. Her mother determined to overcome this by immersing Sophie Charlotte in the arts.

As a child she received instruction in singing, courtly dance, and religion, and in French, Italian, English, and Latin. Danish ruler and patron of music. He succeeded to the throne on the death of his father, Frederik II, in but ruled under a regency until his coronation in In the course of his education he revealed a marked interest in the arts, especially architecture and music, both of which enjoyed the advantage of his personal encouragement throughout his long reign, with results that have contributed much to the enduring impression of the period as a golden age in Danish history.

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He was nevertheless anxious to cultivate Danish talent, and he instructed government representatives all over the country to look out for promising talent for his chapel. It is said that whenever possible he himself interviewed and auditioned those who applied to enter his service. Swedish ruler and patron of music, active partly in Italy. She was one of the principal 17th-century patrons of arts and learning and for 30 years the leading figure in the cultural life of Rome.

In accordance with his wishes she was given the education of a prince during the chancellorship of Axel Oxenstierna, and by she had achieved a reputation for intelligence, learning and culture.

Holy Roman Emperors Family Tree (Charlemagne to Ferdinand von Habsburg)

After the alliance with France in , French culture began to assert itself at the Swedish court, and in she brought from France the dancing-master Antoine de Beaulieu. Other French musicians were brought in, and in Piazzola sul Brenta, nr Padua, Feb 20, ; d Padua,? May Italian patron of the arts. He came of a wealthy and noble Venetian family and built two theatres on his estate, Piazzola sul Brenta. There he commissioned and produced a series of operas and other entertainments during the s and 80s, engaging several of Venice's leading composers, notably Carlo Pallavicino and Domenico Freschi.

His collection of over manuscript scores of the period —85 now in I-Vnm is a major surviving musical source of 17th-century Venetian opera. It was later acquired by P.

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Correr, and much of it is now in the instrument museums of Brussels and of the Paris Conservatoire. Austrian emperor, patron of music, and composer. Also like his father, his musical tastes were decidedly Italianate. Most of the musicians in his chapel were Italian, among the most prominent of which were Giovanni Valentini, Antonio Bertali, and Giovanni Felice Sances. Nevertheless, distinguished German composers such as Johann Jacob Froberger and Wolfgang Ebner — the latter a particular favourite — also worked at his court. Ferdinand III played an active part in the preparation of great court festivities, especially stage works of various kinds that were produced with utmost magnificence in Vienna and elsewhere in his Habsburg domains.

German patron, bibliophile, composer and poet.

Famous Pisces Birthdays

In his early years he was active as composer and poet. He displayed his love of music as early as On assuming power Georg Rudolph continued the Kapelle at his court, but his interest in music mainly assumed a different form. In the course of a journey throughout Europe, he began collecting books for what was to become known as the Bibliotheca Rudolphina. His first wife, Princess Sophie Elisabeth of Anhalt, whom he married in Ferrara, c ; d Aug 25, Italian musician and patron of music.

Sagittariuspold i holy roman emperor astrology

In November a musical gathering in Goretti's house in Ferrara heard madrigals by Monteverdi and other modern composers, sparking off the Artusi-Monteverdi controversy. Goretti also received dedications from G. Buonamente , P.