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If you've fallen head over heels for an Aquarian, you have a lot in your erotic bedroom arsenal to leave your new lover panting. You make a perfect social partner with your own brand of charisma that attracts friends of both sexes. Like you, Aquarius is well-versed in the finer side of life and shares your appreciation for beauty. You may need to teach your water bearer how to enjoy a more sensual side of life, but that will be great fun for both of you. Aquarius will admire your ability to see both sides, like Gemini, and how you easily size up situations.

Aquarius Woman Table of Contents

Just because Aquarius isn't the jealous type, doesn't mean your flirting goes unnoticed. As long as you don't take the fun beyond what is acceptable in a committed relationship, you'll be free to flirt to your heart's desire. A love affair with your own sign brings an understanding like nothing you've ever known. You understand the lack of emotionalism that might frustrate and confound other signs like Cancer.

You share the same interests and genuinely think alike. What's not to work in this relationship that's almost like being with yourself? Your lack of sexual prowess is never an issue with your Aquarian lover.

Aquarius compatibility

Sex is okay, and you either take it or leave it without any problem. That's not to say you'll have a boring sex life - far from it.

You just won't have the depth of emotions two Cancers would share. Instead, your energies will be spent toward getting out into the world and sharing knowledge. You'll take up causes together and become a formidable team for making the world a better place while having fun in the process. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be constantly fueled by Aquarius.

When air mixes with fire, you can end up with high passion or combustion. Stormy and passionate describes this combination. The danger is that Aquarius may become exhausted and overloaded.

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Cancer , Pisces , and Scorpio are just too emotional for Aquarius. Air is elusive to water and skims over the water's surface. Eventually, air will create a water spout or a full-blown hurricane. She hardly cares about what people think of her. Her dreams are very different to other females. Position and power is more than money for her.

She shows clarity in her thoughts. And the most observable thing is her attitude which mostly people like. An Aquarius woman is pure by her heart and character. She is a committed lady and well versed in sustaining long-term relationship. But one thing she possesses that trims down her image is inconsistency and confuse mind.

It means she is lazy to continue any work for a long time.

In short she likes to see change and quick results. Yes, often she is not sure what she has to do, how and why. Attractive personalities, logical mind, and sound knowledge are basic qualities of an Aquarius woman.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

She feels herself unique even in crowd. She likes to follow her own doctrine and wants to play her own tune. The most spellbound thing for her is freedom. She likes independence in all means and dislikes interferences of others in her life. When you try to bind her in restrictions she will certainly go away to you. But if you let enjoy her freedom she will undeniably appreciate you in her life. But that does not means she crosses her boundaries. She, in fact, a very reliable person lives in limitations. The other wonderful praise is her fair character. She has marvelous potential in maintaining her commendable image.

Each one whom with she comes in contact is highly inspired by her. Though she is a highly philosopher, deep thinkers, emotional, soft heart, and a genuine human being, she is a confuse person.

Aries + Aquarius Compatability | What's your sign? | Aries men, Aries love, Aquarius relationship

She is always on with her doubts, for example-she rechecks her door as she is unsure whether she has locked it or not though she had locked that already. So these types of doubts or confusions are always on her mind. A lady with Aquarius sign is typically a high-tempered woman. She easily gets annoy by anyone. Her anger is sometimes out of control.

But at such situation she expects you to neither leave nor talk to her.